3D Geospatial Data Visualization

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Originally Aired - Monday, May 22 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

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Location: Room 267

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Title: 3D Geospatial Data Visualization



Attendees will be presented with the main delivery formats (and some typical source data formats) for delivering 3D Scenes for analysis and mission planning. OGC i3s SceneServer and offline SLPK, OGC 3DTILES, 2.5D Vector Tiles & GeoJSON and 3D Model GL Binary Transmission Format (GLB) Mapping Libraries and Apps that support these formats.

Quickly highlighting the Tech Maven Geospatial offerings in this space:

  • 3D SCENE SERVER and Converter -serves 3DTILES or SCENESERVER
  • 3DTILING App - create 3DTILES
  • 3D Data Hosting - geospatial data content managment and map publishing application
  • Mobile Clients
    • Earth Explorer 3D Map iOS, Android and Windows
    • GeoNames Map Explorer iOS
    • 3D Map Explorer iOS and Android

Focus on FOSS4G tools and packages for data production as well as highlighting some of the COTS offerings (ArcGIS Pro, Safe Software FME, etc). 

2.5D Data Fill Extrusion using vector tiles and GeoJSON - display in MapBox GL JS/MapLibreJS and MapBox Maps SDK iOS/Android/Maplibre Native 3D Buildings from Street Map. 

Offline Support:

  • 3DTILES archive format 3TZ (ATAK, Earth Explorer 3D Map)
  • SLPK archive format
  • MBTILES or GPKG for vector tiles

How to convert between i3s and 3dtiles OGC Services - GeoVolume API and 3D Portrayal Service.

Review of Commercial offerings like CesiumION for producing 3DTILES.

Use of this 3D Data in Game Engines Unity and, Unreal Engine and the Geospatial Mapping/DataVisualization add ons that enable this.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will come away with an understanding of the 3D Geospatial Data formats and the web and mobile optimized clients to consume the data as well as the tools and software for producing 3D data products.

Prerequisite Skills, Knowledge, & Software Requirements


Type: Training


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