Creating Accurate, Global-Scale Realtime Simulations with Cesium for Unity

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, May 23 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Location: Room 265

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Title: Creating Accurate, Global-Scale Realtime Simulations with Cesium for Unity



Game engines are rapidly becoming both powerful and accessible for visualization and analysis of massive heterogeneous 3D geospatial datasets, as well as for applying intelligence products to simulations for training, planning and rehearsal by warfighters. This session will show how to use a commercially available game engine with open source plugins and geospatial datasets like Army One World Terrain to visualize the globe.  

Training participants will learn how to set up a WGS84 globe in the Unity game engine, load in 3D geospatial tilesets, place their own models on the globe with geospatial coordinates and move between locations. 

As a result of the training session, participants will have created a live demonstration of a visually realistic globe in the Unity game engine with an example datasets. The demo may be viewed in a headset once appropriate setup and the Unity VR modules have been completed. 

Learning Objectives

  • Integrate large-scale, geospatial data into a simulation in a game engine using the 3D Tiles open standard, the Cesium for Unity plugin and the Unity game engine. 
  • Upload massive datasets like satellite imagery and photogrammetry scans to Cesium ion so that their data can be streamed efficiently to a simulation in the 3D Tiles format. This notably includes Army One World Terrain datasets, which are already released in the 3D Tiles format.
  • Accurately contextualize existing Unity simulations and visualizations with the full-scale WGS84 Earth.
  • Continue learning about how to build global-scale, geospecific simulations with their own geospatial data using Cesium for Unity and the 3D Tiles ecosystem via existing online tutorials and active forums.

Prerequisite Skills, Knowledge and Software Requirements

  • A basic familiarity with the Unity game engine or an equivalent game engine coming into the training is recommended, but we encourage participants from all experience levels (including no experience). \
  • Training participants who want to follow along hands-on will need to have already installed the Unity game engine and the Cesium for Unity plugin from the Cesium website before the training. This will require creating a Cesium ion account (free and easy to do). 
  • The Unity game engine:  
  • Cesium for Unity Plugin:   
  • Cesium ion:  

Type: Training


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